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  Fangyuan (Tianjin) Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established in August 2017, with a registered capital of 4 million yuan. It is located at B-901, Building 2, No.13 Ziyuan Road, Huayuan Industrial Zone, Tianjin, and C-601, Building 5, Xinmao Science and Technology Park, No.15 Rongyuan Road, Huayuan Industrial Zone, Tianjin。Mainly engaged in health testing, environmental monitoring and other quality inspection technical services,Can carry out business activities independently,The independence and impartiality of the inspection and testing work are not subject to any interference from administrative agencies and external factors,Its basic function is to accurately detect the required items with scientific technology and methods,To provide customers with quality service。Since its establishment, through continuous efforts, the company has become a strong technical force, a good business working environment and a considerable number of domestic and foreign advanced instruments and equipment inspection and testing institutions。The company shall make the corresponding declaration and commitment to ensure the quality of the inspection and testing work, and guarantee the correctness and authenticity of the inspection and testing results, and independently undertake the impartial inspection and testing by the third party。 1.2 Personnel and department composition ···... [View more]


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