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Fangyuan (Tianjin) Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established in201708Month, registered capital is400Yuan Yuan, located in Tianjin Huayuan Industrial zone Ziyuan Road132Factory No.-B-901And Tianjin Huayuan industrial zone Rongyuan Road15Xinmao Science and Technology Park5号楼-C-601Is an independent legal entity。Mainly engaged in health testing, environmental monitoring and other quality inspection technical services,Can carry out business activities independently,The independence and impartiality of the inspection and testing work are not subject to any interference from administrative agencies and external factors,Its basic function is to accurately detect the required items with scientific technology and methods,To provide customers with quality service。Since its establishment, through continuous efforts, the company has become a strong technical force, a good business working environment and a considerable number of domestic and foreign advanced instruments and equipment inspection and testing institutions。The company shall make the corresponding declaration and commitment to ensure the quality of the inspection and testing work, and guarantee the correctness and authenticity of the inspection and testing results, and independently undertake the impartial inspection and testing by the third party。

1.2Personnel and department composition

Existing employees of the company27People, senior titles5People, accounting for the total number of people in the company18.5%。Intermediate professional title6People, accounting for the total number of people in the company22.2%。Junior technician5People account for the total number of people in the company18.5%。其他11人。Accounting for the total number of people in the company18.5%40.7% The existing personnel can basically meet the needs of the inspection and testing work carried out by the company at present。

Current departments: Comprehensive Management Department, Business Department, physical and chemical Testing Department, microbial testing Department, Monitoring Department, Financial Department

1.3Inspection resource

Total area of the company725.15m2Of which the laboratory building area is about628.61m2See appendix5.2Company Plan。With modern equipment130More than a set of laboratory equipment: atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence photometer, visible-Ultraviolet spectrophotometer, electronic analytical balance, microbiological identification instrument, microscope, gas chromatography, ion chromatography, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, etc.On-site monitoring and sampling equipment include: ammonia gas monitor, digital dust meter, dust meter and other detection and analysis instruments, the original value of fixed assets408万元。

Standards cast quality, rules to achieve circumference!


Fangyuan Testing has always been adhering to the "customer needs as the center, to provide customers with comprehensive quality testing services and solutions" business philosophy, is willing to work together with you to create quality product brand。


Main services:


企业ISO9001OHSAS 18001SA8000ISO22001System establishment, consultation, certification

企业EHSF Compliance audit

Pre-construction projectEHSF Consulting service

EHSF System establishment, maintenance, certification services

Environmental stewardship, environmental standard discharge, environmental monitoring, environmental assessment, environmental engineering, environmental emergency plan

Safety manager, safety training, safety evaluation, safety consultation, safety emergency plan

Occupational health training, assessment of occupational hazard factors, detection of occupational hazard factors, occupational health emergency plan

Sanitary testing in public places, drinking water testing, swimming pool and bath water testing, disinfection and sterilization effect testing in medical and health institutions, hospital sewage testing, microbial testing in central air conditioning system, single-use sanitary products testing, indoor air quality testing, industrial wastewater and domestic sewage testing, nurseries and kindergartens sanitation testing, food (drink) disinfection effect testing, disinfection productsProduct disinfection and sterilization effect detection

Fire examination and approval consultation, fire engineering, fire appraisal


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