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Environmental detection

Environmental testing items
Water and wastewater Chemical oxygen demand Ambient air and exhaust gases Hydrogen chloride Boiler waste gas Sulfur dioxide 噪声 Plant boundary noise 土壤 Electric conductivity
Five-day BOD fluoride Nitrogen oxide Construction noise pH
总磷 Sulfur dioxide Particulate matter, smoke (powder) dust, smoke parameters
Domestic noise Moisture/dry matter
氨氮 Nitrogen oxide Smoke blackness Ambient noise Total water soluble salt
总氮 Nitrogen dioxide Carbon monoxide Organic matter
petroleum 甲醛 Flue gas parameter Organic carbon
Animal and vegetable oils 全钾
Suspended matter Fine particulate matter PM2.5 全磷
Volatile phenols Inhalable particulate matter PM10 总磷
pH value 臭氧 Available phosphorus
transparency Volatile organic compounds VOCs 容重
浊度 Benzene series 氨氮
水温 Total hydrocarbon, methane, non-methane total hydrocarbon Nitrite nitrogen
transparency 恶臭 Nitrate nitrogen
Apparent Contamination Index (SPI) 氯气 全氮
Sulfuric acid fog cyanide
Hydrogen sulfide Total cyanide
Cation exchange capacity
Chromic acid fog
Benzene series
Phenolic compound
Low concentration particulate matter
Asphalt fume
Volatile organic Compounds (VOCs)
Carbon monoxide 总铬
Volatile organic compounds
Semi-volatile organic compounds
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Organochlorine pesticides (BHC, DDT)
Polychlorinated biphenyls


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